Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and it’s hard to imagine life without electronic gadgets such as phones, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles. Therefore, it’s essential that we store them properly so they don’t get damaged. Here are 15 essential storage tips for all your electronic items:

Make Sure the Self Storage Units You Select Are Climate Controlled
Before making a decision, ensure the units you select are climate controlled. Extreme temperatures can damage electronic gadgets, so be sure the self storage space you select has climate control to avoid damage. As a general guideline: if it’s too hot or cold for you to feel comfortable inside, then it’s not suitable for storing electronics. So make sure the self storage space you select offers climate control to avoid this risk.

When Possible, Keep Gadgets in Their Original Packaging
By doing this, you can ensure all small components are safe and secure. And in case of need for replacement parts, the packaging makes it simpler to locate the appropriate one. Moreover, it keeps your items well-protected and dust-free.

Label All Your Cables and Chargers
When you come back for items, labeling your cords makes it much simpler to locate them quickly. Plus, having multiple devices means having trouble remembering which cable or charger goes with which item. Labeling your cords also helps avoid any confusion when reconnecting them.

Make Sure Your Self Storage Unit Is Dry & Dust Free
Before you move in, make sure that the unit you are renting is completely dry and dust-free. Moisture and dust accumulation can build up over time, leading to corrosion of electrical components or malfunctioning electronics. And if you’re storing your gadgets for an extended period, moisture and dust have the potential for permanent damage. Make sure your unit is well-ventilated to reduce this risk.

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Store Electronics Away From Chemicals or Solvents
Many chemical products emit fumes that can corrode metal parts inside devices. Therefore, make sure all electronics are stored away from any chemicals or solvents and check your unit regularly to make sure no spills have occurred.

Use Anti-Static Bags to Prevent Short Circuits
Anti-static bags can shield your gadgets from short circuits caused by static electricity. It’s also wise to add some desiccant packs inside the bag, as they absorb moisture and prevent corrosion.

Bins or Containers for Storing Small Parts
Bins are ideal for storing small components. Maintaining an organized and accessible workspace can make all the difference when searching for small parts like screws, nuts and bolts. Doing this makes it much simpler to locate these items when they are necessary.

Keep Electronics Away From Magnetic Fields
Keep electronics away from magnetic fields using this simple guide. Electronic components are highly vulnerable to magnetic fields which can cause permanent damage. Therefore, make sure your self storage unit is located far away from any electrical appliances that generate strong magnetic fields.

Cover Your Items with Soft Cloth to Prevent Scratches and Dents
This will shield your gadgets from scratches or other minor damages caused by shifting around in the unit.

Keep Devices Away From Heat Sources and Direct Sunlight
Heat can damage delicate electronic components, so make sure your items are kept away from heat sources such as radiators, heating vents or direct sunlight.

Consider Purchasing Insurance for Your Electronic Gadgets
No matter how carefully you store your items, accidents can still happen. That’s why it’s always wise to get insurance for valuable electronics just in case something unfortunate does take place.

Use Pallets or Cardboard Boxes to Keep Your Electronics Off the Floor
This will keep your items away from moisture and dust that may collect on the floor of your unit. Furthermore, make sure any boxes or pallets are secured so they don’t move around when you open the door.

Check Your Unit Regularly for Leaks & Mold
Leaks and mold can develop over time if there is inadequate ventilation in your unit. Therefore, it’s essential to check for leaks and mold regularly in order to ensure that your electronics remain secure from any harm or degradation.

Before Storing of any Devices, be Sure to Unplug them Completely
Before storing your electronics, ensure all power cords are disconnected. Doing so can help conserve energy and extend the life of your device.

Make Sure There Is Enough Space Around Your Items
Leave plenty of room around your items so they can move around freely. Make sure there is adequate space around your electronic items for proper ventilation. Furthermore, leaving some extra distance between nearby objects can help avoid damage due to vibrations or knocks.

By following these tips, you can guarantee that your electronics remain secure and in top working order while being stored away at a self storage unit. With the right precautions taken, you can rest assured knowing your gadgets will be ready for use when you need them!

At Lytton Self Storage, we take great pride in offering top-notch storage solutions to all of our customers. That is why we are dedicated to helping you safely store your electronics. Our unit is well ventilated and easy to access so that your gadgets will remain secure for however long necessary. Get in touch today to discover more about our self storage options!