Self-storage is great if you need to free up space. However, you must take proper precautions to ensure all your items are in good condition. From seasonal outfits to old attires, the right self-storage practice will keep your fabrics in excellent condition. So, are you planning to store some clothes away long-term without experiencing damage or deterioration? These guidelines help you achieve the desired results.


Clean thoroughly


Before anything, you must clean your clothes and ensure they are thoroughly dry before storing them. Doing this will protect your fabric from mould, mildew, and any other damage that results from moisture and filth. While at it, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when washing to prevent fabric damage. 

Preserving clothes in self storage

Start with the right containers


After cleaning, pick the right containers for storage. Most people prefer plastic containers, which are unsuitable for long-term storage, especially in warm regions. Plastic containers can trap heat and moisture, damaging your clothes over time. Better storage options are canvas or cotton bags and storage baskets, so keep this in mind. They’re breathable, allowing air circulation and preventing moisture buildup. But you can also use plastic bins designed to be humidity-free while keeping your clothes safe from insects. 


Do not overpack 


You should avoid overpacking if you use plastic bins. It’s important to leave enough space at the top of the bins to allow for proper air circulation and prevent moulding. Overpacking can also cause deep wrinkling and creasing – the type may be difficult to smoothen, even with ironing. Plus, packing too many clothes into one container will make it difficult to remove individual clothes when you need them.

Store in a cool, dry, and dark place


After packing your clothes, store them in a cool, dry, and dark environment. Exposing your storage units to too much light may damage your fabric. Indeed, strong or harsh lights may cause fading over time. You should also avoid storing in places exposed to extreme weather changes, like your garage or attic, as they can damage your clothes. Ideally, opt for a climate-controlled storage unit that will maintain consistent temperature and humidity. And don’t forget to use moisture-absorbing packets, cedar chips, or moth balls to keep bugs away and preserve self-storage. 


The benefits of proper and safe self-storage


With proper self-storage, you can ensure that your clothes remain in excellent condition while in self-storage. Properly storing your items can prevent damage to the fabrics while keeping them ready to wear when needed, so feel free to consider this. By storing clothes in secure and climate-controlled units in the right environment, you will have that safe storage needed to keep them from moisture damage, pests, and other environmental factors that might degrade the fabrics. Self-storage will give you peace of mind, knowing your clothes are safe and accessible whenever needed. You’ll also be able to reduce clutter in your home and keep your living space clean and organised, so keep this in mind.