Are you planning your next travel adventure? If you’re not sure where to travel, then it’s absolutely worth thinking about some of the best bucket list locations. There are a wonderful array of destinations for you to choose from that attract countless visitors every year. Here are our top picks for your bucket list and the places that you must visit before your time in this world ends. 

elephants walking by a lake


First on our list is Kenya. It’s a beautiful place although arguably the biggest reason to visit this location is to experience a true African safari. Here you will see all African animals you know and love like never before from great elephants to magnificent lions, elegant giraffes and much more. If you are booking a trip like this, it’s important to choose a reputable company to guide you on this journey. There are also unique options to consider including nighttime safaris. Many of the animals that live on the African plains are largely nocturnal. As such, if you want to see them active and alive instead of lounging in the sun, this is a choice well worth considering. 


New Zealand 

New Zealand is absolutely stunning. The incredible landscape has been chosen as a filming location for countless movies over the years. The most famous example of this is perhaps the Lord of The Rings films, directed by Peter Jackson. Many of the sets still stand today and have become something of a unique tourist attraction. Even the airport in New Zealand has memorabilia and pieces of the film sets used for these blockbusters. Of, course, New Zealand is also a great place if you want a remote location for camping. Since it’s far from the rest of the world, it’s worth booking a longer trip to this location. That means that you may want to use self storage to keep any precious items or furniture safe while you are far from home. 


The Himalayas 

The Himalayas, home to the tallest mountain in the world Mt Everest is the perfect example of a unique trip. While you may not be able to climb the mountain yourself, you can visit the base camp. This is still quite the trek and an achievement in itself. There are various other wonderful activities that you can explore if you are visiting this part of the world as well. For instance, you might want to consider a skydiver at 15,000 feet over the himalayas. It will provide you with a view that you will remember for the rest of your life. 



For those more interested in culture and places of historical significance, Italy is the place to be. Rome is arguably the most popular location in Italy for tourists. You can visit the colosseum and take a guided tour back in time. While exploring places of historical significance is one of the main selling points for visiting Italy, you can also sample Italian cuisine. While many restaurants attempt to replicate the taste of Italy, it’s nothing compared to the real thing. You can also consider visiting the floating city of Venice or the fashion pinnacle, Milan. 


New York 

If you are looking for the ultimate city escape, then we recommend that you book a trip to New York. The city that never sleeps certainly lives up to its name with adventures and excitement throughout the night. There are also countless incredible spots to visit from the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty and of course, Broadway. A trip to New York is not complete without taking in a show on broadway. Whether you love musicals or would prefer something more dramatic, there’s a show to suit every taste and preference. 


Image of New York skyscrapers



Finally, if you are seeking a place perfect for lavishing in luxury, then the Maldives is the ultimate bucket list destination for you. This is as far as you can get from the stresses of urban life. Wake up to crystal clear waters where you can see the fish darting in the shallows. Enjoy a true tropical paradise where your troubles will melt away completely. The idyllic location is often noted to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is also perfect for those who want to explore countless water sports and take to the waves around the island, 

As you can see, there are some absolutely astounding places to explore around the world. Whether you are looking for a luxury place to relax, an exciting urban location to explore, or a picturesque place of natural beauty, there are countless locations that are worth visiting.