Making the most out of the storage in your home is essential if you want to make more space and maintain a tidier home. 

It can be difficult to store all of our belongings away neatly if you have incorrect storage or too much stuff. However, with the right tips, you can make the most of your storage and ensure maximum spaciousness in your home.

Use self-storage

If you have too much stuff in your home that you no longer use or cannot find space for, it is a great idea to use self-storage.

Self-storage means you can store your stuff externally in a safe place where you can access it whenever you need it. You can rely on self-storage companies to store your goods that you no longer need or use yet want to keep.

Self-storage solutions can give you the opportunity to store expensive, large, and bulky items that you no longer have space for in your home. you won’t need to worry about getting rid of your prized possessions as you will be able to store them safely in a trustworthy and reliable external space. Whenever you want to have access to your belongings, you can. 

Install vertical cupboards

If you find that you do not have enough storage space throughout your home for all of your items, it can be a great idea to install vertical storage solutions.

Instead of using your horizontal space, you can use your floor-to-ceiling space in a great way to store anything that you need to put away. For instance, instead of having all of your kitchen items out on the side due to not having enough space in the current cupboard, you can install a floor-to-ceiling corner cupboard and therefore have somewhere to put everything.

You can install vertical cupboards and storage solutions in all of your rooms to maximise your space and make the most of your storage solutions.

Consider ottoman storage

Furthermore, ottoman storage is another great storage solution to help you make the most of your storage space.

Ottoman furniture is a multi-purpose item that you can use to sit and relax on as well as store your stuff inside.

For instance, you could add an ottoman bench in your hallway where you can sit to put your shoes on, place your coat on top of it, and store your shoes inside. This will mean you can reduce the amount of furniture in your home, as in this case you won’t need two items of furniture to store your shoes and have somewhere to sit to put your shoes on.

Adding ottoman storage solutions to all of your rooms will ensure that you can make the most of your storage space and store as much away as possible to keep your home tidy and organised.

Get rid of more

If you want to make more use of the space in your home it makes sense to get rid of more. Decluttering is an easy way to help free up more space in your home so that you can successfully store everything away in the storage spaces that you already have.

Although you might want to get rid of everything, getting rid of some things will ensure you have plenty of space to store the things you wish to keep.

If there are things that you want to keep hold of yet cannot find space in your home, then store them externally in a self-storage solution.


Use cupboard and drawer dividers

To make the most of your storage solutions, it is a good idea to use drawer dividers.

Using drawer dividers and boxes in your cupboards will help you maximise the space inside your storage solutions.

For instance, you might currently stuff all of your clothes into your drawers in an unorganised manner. With drawer dividers in place, you can neatly organise your stuff and maximise how much stuff you can insert into your drawers. Hence you will make the most of your storage space at home. 

Are you considering self-storage?

Anyone that wishes to remove things from their home yet wants to keep them should consider self-storage. This will enable you to store your things in an external unit, not need to get rid of them, and ensure you can gain access to them when you want them. 

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