Choosing the right size of storage unit can be a difficult task, especially with the range of options available to you and not knowing exactly what size you’re going to need. Whether you are decluttering your house to move to get rid of some old stuff or you need a place for your business inventory, choosing the correct storage unit size is important.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the availability of affordable storage solutions near Eagle Farm. We’re going to discuss the factors that you should consider when choosing a storage unit, and we’re going to talk you through what you need to know.


Things to consider

Evaluate your items

Before you can choose a storage unit, you need to evaluate what items you’re hoping to store. Are you storing boxes of documents, or are you going for furniture? Are you storing spillover inventory, or are you storing old clothes from wardrobes gone by? These are things that you have to ask yourself before you can determine what size of storage unit would be valuable for you.


Categorise your items

Start with categorising all of your items into groups such as appliances, boxes, albums, furniture, etc. This will give you a good idea of what kind of items you need to store as well as their respective sizes to help you with that earlier question of evaluating the volume of items you need. Large furniture pieces will require a lot more space compared to smaller items such as clothes or books.

Once you’ve done that, you can whip out the measuring tape and start measuring things. It’s a smart idea to grab some masking tape and measure out the size of storage units on the floor of your home to see what kind of size you could be looking at.


Storage duration

How long do you plan to store your items? This can determine the size of the storage you’re going to need because if you need short term storage, such as during a move or renovation, you could pack items in more tightly. 

If you’re looking for something long term, you may want a little more room so that you can get access to your belongings and not have to unpack the whole thing every time. Always advisable to get the larger unit for long term storage for easy access and to prevent overcrowding. Having extra space is also going to allow you to organise the unit in a way that allows for an easy flow and easy retrieval.



What’s your budget?

Another consideration when you’re choosing different storage unit sizes is how much you can afford to pay. Your budget is going to be a significant factor when deciding on your storage unit, so it’s essential that you balance the cost with convenience and space requirements.

It’s a good idea to compare prices because if you don’t research your options, you might not find something affordable. Comparing the prices of different storage unit sizes as well as any ongoing discount or promotion can help you to choose which size you need. While smaller units are usually cheaper, they may not be cost effective if you need to rent more than one.


Storage Unit Sizes: A Quick Guide

To help you to understand what might fit in different unit sizes, we’ve put together a quick reference guide which is based on the unit sizes offered at Fort Lytton Self Storage:

Small Units (3m x 1.5m to 3m x 3m )

These units are great for storing a few items if you need to put away some seasonal decorations, some small boxes, or even little pieces of furniture. They can accommodate the contents of a small closet.

Medium Units (4m x 2.5m to 4m x 3m)

A medium sized unit usually holds the contents of a one to two-bedroom apartment. This can be anything with furniture to several boxes or even appliances. They’re great for business storage needs and they’re good for personal needs too.

Large Units (5m x 3m to 6m x 3m)

The larger units are spacious enough to store the contents of a house; they can accommodate large furniture, numerous boxes and appliances without being packed too tightly.


Affordable Storage Solutions in Eagle Farm

If you’re looking for storage units in Eagle Farm, finding affordable storage solutions is straightforward. There are plenty of facilities out there that offer competitive rates and a variety of unit sizes to meet different needs. Start by searching for a storage unit in Eagle Farm to identify the nearby facilities and look for customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the quality of service and the condition of the units.

Look for facilities that offer flexible rental terms, allowing you to choose the duration that best fits your needs. Month-to-month leases can be particularly beneficial if you’re unsure about the length of your storage requirements.