If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel the world for a living, then you’ll understand just how freeing it can be. You’re not stuck in one location for too long and you have the ability to travel wherever you please. For digital nomads, there’s not really one place to call home, other than perhaps the home you left behind for your travels. With that being said, there’s not really much room for belongings when you’re going from one place to another. So what does that mean for your furniture and any other belongings you might own? If you’re looking to see the world and you’re just at the beginning of that journey, then you’ll want to consider self storage while on your travels. Follow this guide to self storage for digital nomads to see why.


What Are Self Storage Units?

Self storage units are spaces in which you can store your belongings for any number of reasons. Whether you’re looking to move house, have valuables you want to keep safe away from the home or in this case, while travelling, self storage is helpful to have.

These units come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are more luxurious than others when it comes to temperature regulation to security measures.

It’s important to pick a self storage unit that offers all you need, not just in size but price point too. Not all self storage units are expensive but they also need to be the right fit for your wallet, especially when travelling.


Benefits of Self Storage for Digital Nomads

Self storage units have many benefits for digital nomads on their travels. If you’ve been considering a self storage unit, perhaps due to selling your property or moving out of a rental property to save money, then here are some advantages to consider.


Protects Your Belongings

When it comes to the digital nomad lifestyle of travelling, you don’t have the ability to carry everything on your person. The last thing you want to do is leave anything valuable unattended while you’re out and about. Security is therefore a top priority when you’re looking to store your belongings.

What makes a self storage unit different from other options? Well, a storage unit is an extremely secure place that comes with a variety of security measures. From gated access, on-site staff and CCTV, it’s often round-the-clock support that you get.

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Provides Flexibility

Having the flexibility when it comes to travelling and working is important. A self storage unit poses a particular advantage because it gives you the freedom to travel light. You’ll only need to carry the essentials with you, whether you’re heading out on a short-term trip or a long journey that will keep you away for months on end.

It’s also handy should your travel plans change suddenly. This isn’t uncommon when it comes to travel in general. At least you’ll know that your belongings are safe if you’re not able to get home as soon as you’d like.


Cuts Costs

With a self storage unit, you can streamline the amount of belongings you have because it gives you the opportunity to declutter. Not only that but it can help you cut costs. For example, if you’re looking to move out of the property you’re in now to provide more financial freedom, then a self storage unit is a way to cut those costs.

Renting or mortgaging a home isn’t cheap, which is why it’s worth looking at self storage as a viable alternative. It’s important that you’re still taking out insurance in order to protect your belongings while they’re not on your person.


Preserves Your Most Sentimental Items

When it comes to travelling, you wouldn’t want to leave all of your valuables in your home. While you’re away for weeks or months on end, your property and belongings are at risk of damage. Whether that’s by a freak accident or a robbery. Transporting sentimental items though can be challenging. 

With a self storage unit, you can ensure that your most sentimental items are preserved and kept safe. In general, these units are often used for those who want to store valuables that they otherwise would keep in their home or business. Therefore, it’s a perfect option when you’re looking to move anything valuable from your home while you’re away.

Digital nomads rely heavily on self storage units, especially when looking to maximise flexibility and reduce costs. It all contributes to a more freeing travel experience, while also giving peace of mind that your belongings will be safe while you’re away.