The world is a vast place. Now is the time to think about how to see it. You’re going to want to think about corners that haven’t been discovered quite yet. Fortunately, today’s world is filled with places that await your happy discovery. It’s easier than ever to hit the road or the waters almost anywhere you like. These easy destinations make it possible to see some of the world’s best and most fascinating places. Take your time and engage in fabulous journey of marvelous worldwide fun and keep your possession safe at Fort Lytton Self Storage Tingalpa while doing so!

Cape May, New Jersey

a small sailboat in the shores of cape may beach

Perched at the very end of the entire Jersey shore, Cape May has long been a welcomed getaway for those who love fun in the sun. Cape May is full of houses painted in wildly different colors. If you love color, this is the place you’ll want to be. Reserve a room in one of many painted ladies that serve as upscale bed and breakfasts. When you’re done, take your favorite bathing suit from Storage Tingalpa and head off to the beach. The relaxing waves make this one part of the shore everyone in your family can enjoy.

The Maldives

a man and woman tourist walking towards cottages

These isolated islands are home to some of the world’s best diving. If you’re in the mood to take your diving equipment from Storage Tingalpa, this is the place that will deliver it all for you. You can find dozens of islands to pick from. This makes it easy to plan all kinds of interesting activities any time of the year. Many companies here offer an easy way to get diving lessons. They’ll teach all you need to know before you get on the water. Once you’re ready, the waters just offshore are home to an incredible variety of fish and other water wildlife.


the Baiterek Tower in Kazakhstan on a sunny morning

One of the world’s largest countries, Kazakhstan is an endless array of new and inviting things to see. Start with the markets of the capital city. You’ll find goods here from all over central Asia. This is the place to see where ancient Silk Road traders stopped on their way to and from China. The rest of the country is a marvel that you won’t soon forget. It’s both modern and yet historically rooted at the same time. Take a stroll through snow capped mountains and watch the stars at your feet.


a tourist enjoying the view at Riga Latvia

A small gem, Latvia is opening up to world travel. This is an easy place to see in the course of a week or less. It’s also a place with lots of places to visit. You’re going to want your items from Storage Tingalpa and hit the brilliant waters of the Baltic Sea. It’s got lots of little streets that bring you back to the historic medieval era. It’s also a place that is embracing the contemporary at the same time. As a European cultural capital in 2014, the country continues to show what it has for any person happy to discover a new place.