In the midst of this global pandemic, chances are you’re working from home. Regardless of whether it’s completely new for you, or you could take multiple remote days in the past, it’s important to make your home office efficient and productive, to maximise your time. Fort Lytton Self Storage Tingalpa has put through a few suggestions that may help you!

Get Organised

a woman in a vibrant red dress organizing her home office drawer

Firstly, get organised! Take stock of what you do and don’t need. Sure, a computer, notebook, pen or pencil, mug and a few snacks are likely needed, but what about the piles of rubbish, tonnes of folders, multiple pairs of old glasses and other various knick knacks that currently occupy that space? If we’d have to guess, probably not, so clear off what you don’t need and add in what you do.

Make Space for Your Things (and Utilise Storage Tingalpa!)

a file drawer filled with yellow folders

Put your most-used items on top of the desk for easy access. Moving supplies like staplers, tape and extra notebooks to a drawer may be worthwhile. Leave some extra room in case you want to set down your cuppa. Should you want to hold onto valuable items that you won’t be using, consider storing them in a storage unit, such as Storage Tingalpa. Storage Tingalpa will keep your items safe and secure until you need them in your house again.

Minimise Distractions

a clean and organized home office desk with a laptop on it

Keep your zone as distraction-free as possible. Keep doors closed when you don’t want to be bothered, and turn your mobile phone to silent to not want to get up at every “ping.” Only keep work-related tabs up on your laptop, and make it clear to family members to not disturb you while you’re trying to work.

Get Decorating

creative home office room in modern family house in Berlin

Studies have shown that adding a personal touch to your space improves mood, and, thus, productivity. Take time during the weekend to frame some pictures of friends and family members, bring in a couple potted plants (don’t forget to water them), or hang a poster or colorful picture on the wall. Adding ample lighting can also help with energy levels, so consider investing in a better lamp.

Stay Productive

a freelancer working from home while using her laptop

Keep in mind what you’d normally do in an office setting, and apply it to your work at home. For instance, if listening to some light background music helps keep you focused, continue to do so in your home office. Even though it’s different than what you’re used to, try your best to focus on one project at a time and not get distracted. It can also help you stay on task to regularly get moving during the day and eat when you’re hungry. Don’t wait until you’re beyond hungry to grab a snack. Light walking and stretching can be a great way to stay healthy and take a short break from your daily responsibilities, too. Do everything possible to get done what you want to each day, even if that means making “to do” lists and waiting until after the work day is over to watch that enticing video clip.