Moving house can be stressful in general, and when you add young kids into the mix, it can be even more so. The trick to making the process as smooth as possible is to keep your little ones happily occupied while still including them in the process as much as possible. Using Self Storage at Brisbane Port from Fort Lytton Self Storage is an easy way to make the process less stressful for the adults. Read on to find some tips on making the process more fun for your kids.

Packing Up

You should try and involve your children in packing up your family home as much as possible. Self Storage at Brisbane Port makes the process a lot easier if you need to pack up your home quickly. Kids can be easily entertained, and you can keep them interested with a few simple tricks. For example, supplying them with stickers and markers will let them decorate their boxes. Keep some extra packing materials aside and let them get creative. You could even consider holding a ‘contest’ to see who can pack up all their belongings the most quickly or neatly.

Making the Move

If you’re move involves quite a bit of a car journey, you’re going to need to find things to keep your kids occupied on the trip. Let your children create a music playlist with your family’s favourite songs to sing along to. You can also create scrapbooks with photos of your old house and your new one for your kids to enjoy. Ask them questions about their favourite memories of their old neighbourhood and home, and ask them what they’re most looking forward to about their new home.


Settling In

Renting some Self Storage at Brisbane Port is one of the best things you can do to make the moving process easier on you and your kids. By playing the majority of your belongings in Self Storage at Brisbane Port, you have time to settle into your new place before you start worrying about where to unpack everything. It also means there’s more space for your kids to run around and explore their brand new home.

Create a scavenger hunt for your children to help them explore and get a feel for their new home. This will give them something to do while you figure out more of the logistics when you first arrive. You can also let your kids be involved in the unpacking process, especially for their bedrooms. Let them create a blueprint for where they want to store their furniture, and let them help unpack some of their boxes.

Moving house is a monumental undertaking, especially when you have young children to consider. Following these tips will help keep your children involved and occupied throughout the moving process. If you’re ready to start the moving process, contact us to learn more about the ways Self Storage at Brisbane Port can help.