If there’s one major drawback for camping, it’s that storing all the necessary gear in your home can be quite a hassle. Finding space to store all your camping gear in your home can be easier said than done. Rather than clutter your at home storage spaces with your tents, sleeping bags, and outdoor cooking equipment, move all your camping gear into Self Storage at Brisbane Port from Fort Lytton Self Storage. This will keep all you camping gear together and secure in one place, making it easier to grab on the way to your campsite.


Creating a camping gear inventory

You should take an inventory of all your camping gear before you move it into Self Storage at Brisbane Port. Make a list of everything you’re moving, and make sure you do the same at the end of each trip so you always know what you’ve still got and what you’ve lost. This will make retrieving your gear for each camping trip a lot easier.

Inspect each piece of gear

During your inventory stage, make sure you take the time to inspect each item. Look out for any damaged items, and be sure to shake out everything thoroughly. You don’t want to pack away your gear with a bunch of ants and insects.

Repair or replace damaged gear

Now’s the time to replace any of your damaged camping gear. Keep your costs low by repairing the things that can be fixed, such as patching holes in tents instead of purchasing an entire new tent. Now’s also a good time to replace any worn out items or items on their last legs; you don’t want to ever get to a campsite and have things break straight away.

Clean all your gear

Placing dirty or wet camping gear in Self Storage at Brisbane Port is never a good idea. The least that can go wrong is your camping gear smells terrible when you take it out next. The worst that can happen is your camping gear degrades and becomes unusable while in storage. Storing wet items is a recipe for mould and mildew.

Label cartons for Self Storage at Brisbane Port

Some of your larger camping gear won’t need to be stored in boxes. Other items have their own storage containers. Anything small, however, should be stored in a clearly labelled box with similar items. If possible, use portable plastic containers you can take on your camping trip. Otherwise, you’ll be taking all your camping utensils out of one box and into another for the journey. Putting in the extra effort to clearly write detailed labels for each and every box will make organising your next camping trip a lot easier.

With Self Storage at Brisbane Port from Fort Lytton Self Storage, you don’t need to worry about where you’re going to securely keep all your camping gear. Contact the expert staff to learn more about your storage options.