More of us than ever are working from home (WFH) these days. Whilst it can be nice to have no commute and work in your pyjamas, finding the focus you need to work from home effectively can be challenging. So what’s the secret to working well? It’s all about the office organisation. In this blog, we’ll look at three 2023 office organisation tips that’ll ensure your home office works for you. 

Declutter Your Space

a light blue folder with archived office files sitting on a brown wooden table.

It’s hard to focus on a task when we’re surrounded by clutter. As such, the first step to boosting your office’s organisation credentials is to go through the home office declutter process. Anything you don’t need on a daily basis should be stored in a separate location such as a self storage unit like the ones we offer here at Fort Lytton Self Storage.

Invest in Smart Storage

And what about the work items that you need each day? For those items, you’ll need smart storage solutions. There are plenty of desk organisers and other products that’ll help to give you access to the items that you need, without them disrupting the atmosphere of the office. 

Keep Things Simple

Finally, be sure to keep things simple. It’s easy to go overboard — or let things go overboard — when you work from home. Adopting a minimalist mindset will ensure that your place is always peaceful, tidy, and ready for some serious work.