Welcome to Fort Lytton Self Storage, an indoor self storage specialist that has a design to keep your vehicles safe. We provide a range of self-storage services for all kinds of needs. Our specialty lies in car, boat, caravan storage, and even shipping container in our eagle farm storage. 

So if you’re looking for a service that will keep your extra vehicles safe, you’ve come to the right place.

Why a specialist self-storage service is best for storing vehicles

People make use of vehicles storage services for different reasons. One of the reasons is when they need to move homes. Another main reason is if there’s currently not enough space in their own garage or property.

For instance, imagine if you’re renovating your garage and can’t use it in the meantime. This situation takes a lot of space from you and your house. As annoying and inconvenient as it can be, you’ve got to find a solution fast–one that is inexpensive and allows you to store one or more vehicles for the time being.

A service like Fort Lytton Self-Storage is perfect for a situation like this. We offer large vehicle storage spaces for all kinds of vehicles, and rental starts at just $200 per month. With lots of different storage options available at affordable prices and variable terms, you’ll find something that suits your needs.

Our services are for people who are moving to or from Eagle Farm and the surrounding area. If you don’t have anywhere to store your extra vehicles, then bringing them to our self-storage facility is a good alternative while you make other arrangements.

Just get in touch with us today to learn more about all of our different storage areas and how you can store a vehicle temporarily, or even for the long-term.

Why use Fort Lytton Self-Storage to protect your vehicles

With a regular self storage service, you don’t get extra services to help you keep your vehicles safe. This is a shame despite how much space some services can give you.

Our Eagle Farm storage location offers 24/7 surveillance on well-lit premises with secured entry points. This helps us protect your vehicle from theft and damage. In the event that we notice something suspicious or questionable, we’ll immediately notify you and the authorities.

This means you can have peace of mind storing your vehicle with us. Regardless if it’s a vintage classic worth a lot of money or even an old camper van that you want to store temporarily, we’ll treat it with the same security and respect as all of our vehicles.

Accessibility with vehicle storage spaces

One of the reasons why most other self-storage facilities don’t allow you to store vehicles is because they’re just not equipped for them. At Fort Lytton Self-Storage, we take pride in offering a storage facility that is designed from the ground up for vehicle storage. This means that all of our vehicle storage units are easy to get to by vehicle, and we’ve transformed our storage facility to ensure that there is plenty of clearance for all kinds of vehicles to fit inside.

We can also offer large outdoor spaces for things such as boats and caravans. These vehicles are traditionally unable to fit into indoor storage areas without taking up lots of space. Because of that we offer an outdoor storage option that is well-secured. We can help ensure that your larger vehicle is protected from the elements, and we’ll maintain it to our high standards so that you have peace of mind.

How much space do I need to store a vehicle?

It really depends on how large the vehicle is or how many you plan to store. As vehicle storage specialists, we can give you rough estimates on how much space you might need, and also suggest storage units for your needs at fair prices.

Simply get in touch with us today to learn more about our storage units, or check out our rates page to get a better idea of the storage unit sizes we have.

Get in touch with our experts today

If you’re searching for a secure storage facility for your vehicle in Eagle Farm or the surrounding area, then you’ve come to the right place. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re storing or your individual storage needs, we’re confident that we can offer you a high level of service that will offer peace of mind and outstanding value.