We all have a lot of ‘stuff’. It might be things we’ve collected over the years, it might be things needed to run a business, it might be items we don’t want to throw out and yet don’t have any space for in the house. It doesn’t matter what it is (at least to some extent); the point is that if we want to keep that stuff, we need somewhere to put it, and that’s where a storage unit can be so useful. That’s why storage Tingalpa can be the solution!

However, just renting storage Tingalpa isn’t enough; if you just throw everything inside the unit without thinking about it, you’ll quickly run out of room, and you might have to spend more than you’d bargained for on a second unit, or perhaps you’ll start to throw things away even though you don’t want to. 

The good news is that with some planning and preparation, none of this has to happen, and you can really make the most of your space. Read on to find out more. 

Plan and Prepare For Storage Tingalpa

As we mentioned above, when it comes to making the most of your storage Tingalpa, it’s all about the preparation, and that’s the ideal place to start. The very first thing to do is to take an inventory of everything you want to store and place everything into categories. That way, when you pack them, similar things can go together, and you’ll have a list of them all, meaning that you’ll be able to find things in the future. 

You’ll also need to gather your supplies together to ensure your items are stored safely. Things you might need include boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, furniture covers, and so on. You can then make sure everything is packed safely so you don’t end up with any breakages. 

Finally, make a map. This might sound strange, but when you want to find something in your storage Tingalpa, having a map is perfect. Even in a small storage unit, marking out on a piece of paper where everything is means you won’t have to hunt around, saving time when you need to retrieve something at a later date. 

Pack Smart 

When it comes to making the most of your storage Tingalpa space, efficient packing is the way to go. One thing that can really help is to use boxes that are all the same size and shape because they’ll stack together better and not leave any gaps, maximising the space you have. 

It’s also a good idea to fill all your boxes rather than leaving empty space – you’ll need fewer boxes, which means you’ll be taking up less space. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should fill boxes to the brim with heavy items, making them unsafe and unstable (and difficult to move). Instead, put heavier items at the bottom and then fill the space with lighter ones. You’ll use fewer boxes and still be able to move them around and stack them properly. 

Use Vertical Space 

To make the most use of your storage Tingalpa, using vertical space is a must – and it’s easier to do than you might think. One way to do it is to put shelving into your storage unit. With shelving, you’ll be able to make use of the space between the floor and the ceiling that would otherwise have gone to waste, giving you more room to store your stuff. 

You can also add some hooks because hanging items helps make use of vertical space as well – bikes are a prime example of something that can be hung on a wall (or the side of a shelving unit, perhaps), freeing up crucial floor space. 

Take Furniture Apart 

If you’ve got some big items of furniture to store, they’ll be taking up a lot of your storage Tingalpa space, and if there are a few items, you might even think you have to rent a larger unit to take it all, plus anything else you might want to store. 

That might be the case, depending on what you have to store in your unit, but it could be that by taking your furniture apart (taking the legs off dining tables and desks, for example, or splitting a sofa into separate pieces), you can free up a lot of storage Tingalpa space that you wouldn’t have had if you tried to put everything in the unit without taking it apart first. 

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