What you can and Can’t Keep in a Self Storage Unit

A self storage can be the answer to your space problems, but that doesn’t mean you can pack everything inside. There are a few restrictions you need to keep in mind when deciding what to put in your Self Storage unit in Tingpala.

Things You Cannot Put in Storage

The following are examples of things you can’t put inside these units though you can always talk to an expert to clarify any questions you may have:

Dangerous Items

Some storage units can get extremely hot or cold. As you know, certain chemicals have specific reactions to extreme temperatures, and some of these reactions can put others in danger. You don’t want to store things like gasoline, compressed gas, kerosene, motor oil, grease, fertiliser, acids, corrosives, cleaners, propane, waste, or even paint cans in the unit.


Firearms and fireworks are considered dangerous items as well, but they are different from the items listed above. These could seem like things you could store in a Self Storage unit in Tingpala, but they can’t be stored there. Weapons and explosives are prohibited items in most storage units because they can explode and can be dangerous to others.

Tyres and Certain Vehicles

Of course, you can store a few tyres and a vehicle in a storage unit, but there are certain restrictions to consider. Many storage units have a limit on how many tyres can be stored in a unit. This is because tyres are hard to get rid of if the storage unit is forced to deal with them because the owner stops paying his or her rent. Vehicles are okay as long as the vehicles are operational, registered, and insured. Vehicles that don’t meet those requirements simply cannot be stored in a unit.

Particular Medical Instruments & Supplies

Some medical equipment and supplies are radioactive, meaning they can be dangerous to others. Keep in mind that storage unit facilities are public, and you don’t want to put others in danger. Some medical equipment or supplies also have chemicals that could be dangerous to others.


There are a lot of reasons you shouldn’t and aren’t allowed to store food items in a storage unit. Most of the time, food attracts pests, and no one wants rodents and insects in their storage units. Of course, food also has expiration dates, and that means it could start stinking up the unit and bother other unit owners. This goes for pet food as well, just in case you’re wondering.

The Obvious

Of course, there are obvious things you can’t store in a Self Storage unit in Tingpala, such as live animals or plants. You also can’t store illegal items, such as stolen goods or drugs.