We all have a lot of important documents, from birth and death certificates to old photos and childhood drawings. While our world is firmly set within the digital era, there’s still a need for hardcopy versions of all our documents. These documents need to be stored in a secure location so they’re protected from natural disasters and home renovations alike. Self Storage at Brisbane Port from Fort Lytton Self Storage is the perfect location for storing all your important documents.

Choose the correct containers

You don’t want to simply stack your important documents in a pile on the floor of your storage unit. You also don’t want to store your important documents in cardboard boxes, as these don’t offer as much protection as plastic containers or metal boxes.

Pad the boxes

When you’re packing your containers, it’s easy to stack all your documents until the container is completely full; however, this isn’t the best idea. When your documents rub together constantly, the ink can transfer onto the other documents. Separating your documents with a filler material will help protect them from damage inside the containers. Spreading the documents out into more than one container will also make them easier to carry as they won’t be as heavy.

Raise the boxes off the floor

When you move your boxes into Self Storage at Brisbane Port, you should also bring in some pallets. These will ensure your boxes are stored off the floor, which can further protect your documents from any moisture, insects, or rodents. You could also bring in a shelving system to keep your containers on instead. Make sure you also label the boxes in detail so you can keep track of which documents are where.

So if you’re looking for ‘the closest Self Storage near me’ for your important documents, look no further than Self Storage at Brisbane Port from Fort Lytton Self Storage.