Reasons to declutter your space

No matter where you are it is always great to declutter your home. There are times when you will need to figure out what to do with the items you have amassed. Luckily, it does not need to be a daunting or frustrating task. All you need to do is begin the process so you can reap the results.  

If you are ready to explore the variety of options available for decluttering your home, continue reading.

Purchase a Self Storage Unit

4 cardboard storage boxes with sicky tape in a room and a suitcase

When you begin sorting through your belongings, you may find it difficult to let go of things. Perhaps you have treasured mementoes from your past. Maybe you are moving abroad or to a smaller flat. You might be combining households with your significant other. Whatever the reason is for you, know that you have a simple and easy solution to decluttering your home whilst keeping your possessions. That solution is a self storage unit. 

A self storage unit is the perfect place to store excess or oversized furniture between seasons. When winter arrives, it can be difficult to find a place in your home to store your outdoor table and chairs without adding clutter. Holiday lights and decorations are unneeded during the summer months and can be placed in your storage unit, as well.

Fort Lytton Self Storage has everything you need to safely and securely store your belongings with care. Storage units are available from 3m x 1.5m up to 6m x 3m (18 sqm).  We offer best-in-class security technology with individual unit security alarms and site-wide CCTV monitoring.

Set a Timeline and Goals

To make the path to declutter your home as easy as possible it is best to set a timeline to complete the project. In addition, you should strategize goals to strive for throughout the project’s timeline. Start by naming your end goal. Are you moving, downsizing, storing, etc.? The reason for your decluttering intentions will be your driving force to help outline your plan. If you are moving, determine whether your next flat will be of a similar size or smaller. Do you need to limit the number of items you are moving due to cost?

Once you have determined your goal, decide on a timeline to complete the decluttering endeavour. If you are moving in six months, be intentional about finishing the task in five months. The goal needs to be reasonable for your lifestyle and competing responsibilities whilst being practical enough to get it all done on time.

Next, break down the decluttering by room and assign each room a goal date. If you have a garage used as storage, you may need to double the time spent there.  

Create a Sorting System

If you have a large amount of space in your home to sort through, it will be more efficient to create a sorting system. The best way to implement this is by collecting medium and large empty boxes, baskets, or other receptacles in your home. Place labels on each container, including:

  • Keep
  • Storage Unit
  • Donate
  • Recycle
  • Disposal

Use the sorting system within your goal timeline to systematically go through each room in your home to complete the process.

Donate Your Unwanted Items

At different stages in life, you may realize that you have items that other people will enjoy more than you do. Or, perhaps you have combined households and now have two or everything. When that happens, it is time to donate unwanted items.  

As you go through your home, ensure the things you intend to donate are in good and usable condition beforehand. If they are beyond repair you can look into recycling or disposal options. Make sure you document your donated items to maximize your tax relief opportunities.

Contact the donation site of your choice and inquire about their drop-off times, whether they provide pick-up at your residence, and any restrictions they may have. 

Contact Fort Lytton Self Storage Today

When you have finished following the tips and tricks to declutter your home and find beloved sentimental items or more things that you do not have space for right now, or are simply ready for a proactive storage solution, come to Fort Lytton Self Storage. We are conveniently located in the Port of Brisbane with easy access to our facility. Contact one of our representatives today for excellent customer service. We will help you find the right-size storage unit to fit your storage needs so you can rest assured your belongings are safe and secure.