Self-storage is a great way to keep your belongings safe and out of the way for when you want to use them next. There are plenty of reasons to use a storage facility like Fort Lytton Self Storage to store your stuff, and some of them might surprise you. For example, self-storage can be the most eco-friendly option to store your items. This is especially true if you follow some eco-friendly practices and use the right green storage facility. Without any further ado, here are some tips to store your belongings in the most sustainable way possible.


Sustainable Packing Materials

When using self-storage, it’s a good idea to use packing materials to keep your belongings safe. Packing materials help you to control the temperature of your belongings and, most importantly, protect them from damage.  But the packing materials you use have a direct impact on how eco-friendly your storage practices are. If possible, avoid using a lot of plastic as packing materials. The exception here would be if you’re reusing packing materials. Plastic doesn’t decompose, so once you’ve finished using it, it’ll just fill up a landfill. Reuse it where possible. If you have to buy packing materials from scratch, choose more eco-friendly materials. Paper and cardboard are great options, because they can be recycled and naturally break down into compost. 

Another option is to use compostable bubble wrap or packing peanuts. This is often made of plant fibre that will break down when composted. You can usually find this material online. The kinds of packing materials that you need often depend on what you’re storing and for how long. But if you’re storing anything remotely fragile like glass, don’t neglect the packing materials.


Energy-Efficient Storage Facilities 

The storage facility itself has a huge impact on how eco-friendly your storage solutions are. Facilities like Fort Lytton Self Storage have these practices built into their design, so you can rest assured that your belongings aren’t having a negative impact on the environment. Storage facilities often need to be temperature controlled to prevent the items from wearing out due to sudden changes in temperature. This means that they need electricity to function properly. Energy-efficient and green storage facilities do whatever they can to cut down on the amount of electricity wasted. Some green storage facilities are solar-powered, so they produce their own clean electricity. They might also use LEDs instead of regular lightbulbs, as these use far less energy and produce just as much light. 

When choosing a storage facility for your needs, talk to the staff about their eco-friendly practices so you’re sure that you’re making the right choice. One great storage provider is Fort Lytton Self Storage because their staff have the expertise they need to take care of your belongings.


Reducing Your Environmental Impact When Using Self-Storage

Often, using self-storage is an eco-friendly option in and of itself. Rather than throwing your items away and then buying new ones later down the road, you’re ensuring that nothing goes to waste. You save time, money, and the environment by keeping your belongings safe and ready to use again when you need them. You also reduce the need to buy a large house just to fit all your stuff in. Larger buildings have more draw on the environment, as they need to be lit and heated. Self-storage is also a good way to store bikes, so you can commute without using your car. Simply put, it’s a good way to add efficiency to your life. Added efficiency is a good way to make your life easier and more eco-friendly, so everyone wins.

As well as using the right packing materials and making sure that you use the right storage facility, you can reduce your environmental impact in other ways. First, make sure that you’re using a storage container that is appropriate for your belongings. While they use far less electricity than trying to store items at home, larger storage containers will still have a higher energy draw than smaller ones. So, rather than picking the biggest container, make sure that the container is a suitable size for your needs. You should also consider a storage facility that is near your location. This is so you cut down your commute, saving time, money, and more importantly, fuel and car emissions. The less driving, the better. So, if you’re looking for green storage facilities near Eagle Farm, Fort Lytton Self Storage is your best option.