Many people like Scandinavian designs because they are timeless. For those who don’t like to spend money to keep up with the latest trends every few years, Scandinavian home decorations and furniture are preferable. The look is modest, comfortable and attractive. These are a few steps that will help you turn your home into a Scandinavian-inspired space.


Get rid of the clutter

Minimalism is a core concept of Scandinavian design. The goal is to make your home look clean and simple. Go through each room in the house, and put any items that you won’t use every month or two into boxes. Put items that you’ll use often into solid-coloured totes or a Scandinavian-style trunk. Black, white and brown are common choices for colours. You can put the belongings that you won’t use for a while in Self Storage in Wynnum. There are several sizes of storage units to choose from in Wynnum, and there are units with temperature control.


Add Scandinavian furniture pieces

Next, you can give your existing furniture an upholstery colour makeover or buy new furniture. Scandinavian wood furniture is usually a dark colour. Use muted plain colours when you choose material or pieces. Spend some time researching the style to see what types of pieces you should choose. In many cases, Scandinavian end tables are round. Dining tables are usually long and rectangular. Alternately, you can choose natural wood tables that are unfinished or rustic.


Don’t forget the rugs

Scandinavian countries face harsh winters, and the people often keep several rugs on the floor. You don’t have to purchase a real fur to get an authentic look. There are plenty of faux fur area rugs that will make your space look rustic and warm. Also, you can choose large area rugs with simple designs and muted colours. A fuzzy throw or two on your sofa or on other furniture pieces will also add to the look.


Pick simple decorations

Since the weather is so cold, Scandinavian people keep their spaces simple to promote survival. Pitchers, wood carvings, vases, plants and other rustic decorations are optimal for this design. Woven baskets are also popular choices. If you have runners or pieces of fabric in muted colours, you can place them below vases or pitchers for an added rustic flare.


Get the lighting right

Most Scandinavian people don’t invest a lot of money in lavish lights. They often use dimmer lights and rely as much as possible on sunlight during the day. If you have blackout curtains up, take them down. Let in the natural light during the day. At night, you can use candles, floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lights. These produce a nice warm glow that is perfect for an ambient look whether it’s hot or cold outdoors.