While you’re in the Brisbane area, visit one of the cafes that serve brunch in the morning. Most locations offer an assortment of foods depending on whether you want something fresh or something that is a bit on the sweeter side of the menu. When you’re looking for a Brisbane East cafe, consider the views that are offered as well as the variety of options to choose from as some locations cater to specific diets, such as those who are vegetarian or who can’t eat foods with gluten.


The smug fig

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There is a light and airy atmosphere that awaits as you enter the cafe for brunch. Outdoor seating is available. A nursery is located near the cafe, giving you a glimpse of flowers and plants that are in season. There are several coffee varieties, and the bagels are among the most popular menu items.


Foxy bean

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Street dining is offered as well as indoor dining with an eclectic design. You will see antique furniture used as decorations in the cafe as well as antique tables and chairs for customers to use. While the restaurant is known for its fresh coffee beans, other popular items include waffles with fruit toppings and whipped cream as well as eggs and various meats.










If you’re looking for a cafe for brunch with a modern design, then this is a location that you might enjoy. A display case features pastries and sandwiches as well as bagels and other breakfast items. Tables and chairs are arranged in rows throughout the cafe so that you can view the city sidewalks. Several plants adorn the corners of the restaurant, giving a refreshing feel to the atmosphere. Overall, the cafe is cosy to enjoy brunch with family or friends either outdoors or inside.


Min & co.

Min & co.










From hanging lights to tables and chairs with a modern design, this is a cafe that you want to consider if you like a busy environment while you’re eating. Shelves behind the counter hold an assortment of coffees and other beverages. You can choose what you want from a display case at the Brisbane East cafe or order at your table from a menu. The breakfast pizza is a good option if you want something that is light but filling.


The arches

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Beautiful arches grace the front of this upscale cafe located in the centre of the city. Large windows on the front sides of the cafe offer views of the city streets. You will find an assortment of pastries and cakes that are made with fresh ingredients. Some items are made so that they are gluten-free.