There are many apps today that we can download online, and these apps are perfect for the home. You can consider downloading these apps and use it when you are looking after your garden or if you wanted to search for a nice place to live.

For Your Garden:

  1. Garden Answers – this app is a useful tool for a gardener. This app is can identify plants, and you can become a walking plant encyclopedia if you have this app on hand. All plant species belonging to the British garden can be identified using this app. The users of Garden Answers are also saying that the app is easy to use and there are more than 20,000 plants that are currently identifiable using the system. Useful information about the plant are also available, and those who who wanted to take a picture of the plant can take a snapshot and then the app will identify it.
  1. Smart Plant – this is an amazing app because it gives you the chance to identify the plants in your garden, and it will also give you a digital care calendar that will guide you how to take care of the plants. You can personalize the app by putting the plants that you have in your garden, and the app will give you a detailed information about how you can take care of them. You can also work with Wynnum Storage to help you store the plants.
  1. Gardening Companion – this app will allow you to track the progress of your plant growth. This will help you in determining how you should take care of the plant and what other things you should give to the plants for them to grow better. Gardening Companion is a great app for plant lovers and those who have green thumb. It will surely make you a good plant care taker.
  1. Leafsnap – this app is used by a reliable museum, and it stores information about the leaf of the plant. the high resolution photos of the plant are being used for research and identification purposes. Download the app if you love to identify plants. You can also use Wynnum Storage to keep your plants and then use the app for further identification.
  1. MySoil – this is an app developed by the British Geological Survey. it enables you to identify the type of soil in your area. People who are using this app are saying that it helped them with proper soil identification.


For Your Home:

  1. – this app can be used if you wanted to sell your home. The app will find the right buyers and it will also display a high resolution image of the house. The location of the house is also highlighted in the app.
  2. is another app that can provide information about a house. It uses the power of GPS to locate properties around the area. There is also a listing of all the houses that can be purchased near the location, and it gives a short information about what the buyers would expect.
  3. Another great app for your home is the Evernote App, and it will give you updates about your home through making notepads and setting off alarms. This app can also be synced to the computer to transfer all of the files. If you have used Wynnum Storage, you can also write it in here so you would not forget the items that are stred in the facility
  4. Google Photos, Instagram, and Lightroom – these apps are great for storing photos. If you love to capture a lot of photos, this app will work fine and you can also have an unlimited number of storage spaces for your photos. You can look at the pictures online, and these photos will not be erased because it is saved in the cloud, compared to storing these photos on the flash drive or a hard drive.
  5. Photobook – if you are artistic and you wanted an art piece for your home, you can consider the photobook app. This app is used by those who wanted to create a photobook, or a framed photo. Using this app will let you build amazing pieces of art installation for your home.


All of the apps can be downloaded on the app store, and you should have enough space on your smartphone if you wanted to use these apps. Most of these apps are free to use, and you can use them instantly after you download it. Make sure to use the apps regularly to practice it.