Whether you prefer a simple lifestyle or an excess lifestyle, having the right amount of space in your apartment is essential. But, the average apartment in Australia, 128.8 square metres, does not offer the luxury of space. And with a small apartment, items accumulate faster than in a house. As your possessions increases, your apartment will instantly feel smaller.Plus, all the items collected over the years have sentimental value and they hard to let go of, so you won’t discard your treasured memory for more space. So how do you make your apartment homely and worry less about space? No matter how much you own with a few simple hacks, your apartments go from cramped to spacious. Explore the list of hacks that can help enhance your apartment space – starting with Storage Wynnum.

Hidden Storage On A Table

Hidden space – Hidden spaces are spaces in an apartment or house you never thought to use for storage. Typically, no one stores items under their bed, but it is the easiest way to maximise apartment space. With a high-end bed, you can easily slide flat face items under for safekeeping. They are the safest place for your shoes. Another part of the apartment you can apply this hack is the kitchen. If your cabinets do not touch the ceiling, consider storing items such as cutlery, glassware, serving dishes and other utensils not used often on top.

Organisation – Systematically organised your items. Items with a similar texture or feel can be group together instead of place at random points across the apartment.

Create specific areas for different tasks – Divide your apartment into sections that perform particular tasks. With this distinguishing, all items meant for that particular task is stored in one space. For instance, all the office items are store in your work area.

Less is Better – It is tempting to fill your space with every decorative item, but it constricts your space. So while it is tempting, less is better. Prioritise decor by genuinely sticking to meaningful items. Also, pick decors that offer the cosiest feel.

Foldable Furniture – Foldable furniture does not take up much space – instantly makes your apartment feel roomy.

Foldable Chair

Multi-Purpose Furniture – To increase your apartment space, your first thought might be to find a new apartment or hire a contractor to knock down a wall or two. Instead of going that route consider using multi-purpose furniture. As the name suggests, multi-purpose furniture serves more than one purpose, quickly transforming the functionality of your space. For example, chairs that fold out into couches.

Self Storage – Instead of tearfully discarding your valuable possessions, consider investing in a self-storage space. Self-storage is a space that you rent to store your less frequently used items, seasonal gears and large items that would overcrowd your apartment.

A highly recommended facility for self-storage is Storage Wynnum. Storage Wynnum is a convenient storage unit space with reasonable rates and size to fit your contents. Moreover, Storage Wynnum storage reduces clutter and ensures the safety of your treasured possession.