Self Storage throughout the Seasons. Weather you’re considering self storage in Manly, storage in Wynnum, or self storage in Ascot, there are a lot of details to consider when choosing your facility. The services offered, the price, naturally, and the convenience of the location are all important factors in choosing your facility. There’s one other consideration that’s just as important but which is often overlooked by otherwise educated and conscientious consumers: the seasons.


Self Storage in Wynnum: Only as Good as the Roof

A storage facility is a building, just like any other building, and just like your home. The weather affects it every day, and whatever effects get inside the building also affect your possessions stored inside, and, possibly, you yourself. When touring potential storage facilities, don’t forget to take into account the condition of the building and the possible weather interactions that may result. Here are a few things to consider as you make your decision.


Interior Concerns

The most obvious way that weather can affect your possessions is through the roof. We inspect our roofing systems on a regular basis to ensure that all of our clients’ possessions are fully protected through any level of rainfall. When selecting a self storage facility, make sure to ask the proprietors when their roof was last replaced and their upkeep and inspection schedule.

The climate control in the facility should be modern and functioning. Your possessions should never be exposed to temperature extremes. Feel the exterior walls and make sure they don’t feel cold in the winter or unevenly warm in the summer – this could indicate haphazard or missing insulation. Also make sure the interior doesn’t feel damp. We know that moisture is insidious and we take care to monitor the climate of our facilities at all times. Even the slightest change in the interior climate prompts a quick intervention before it can have any impact on the property stored with us.


Exterior Concerns

It’s essential that you be able to access the facility in all weather. We make sure that the parking lot and surrounding area has proper drainage so you don’t need your gumboots just to get to your stuff. You’ll also want to consider the outdoor storage you’re using. If using hard stand storage in Wynnum, for example, look for a shelter roof over the area to keep rain off your boat or trailer.

Finally, examine the building itself. Look for cracks in the facade or sagging in the roof line, poor windows or other signs of a poorly-maintained structure. The interior of the building is only as strong as the exterior, so anything you can see simply by walking the perimeter of the facility is an automatic red flag. We’ve seen a lot of competitor’s buildings that have seen better days, and it always inspires us to make repairs promptly and to make sure regular maintenance is part of our daily routine.

Self storage is a year-round proposition. Whatever facility you choose must be ready to withstand the elements in any type of weather, from the normal to the extreme.