Rate Card

At Fort Lytton Self Storage we have 4 convenient unit sizes and the table below lists our rates and gives an indication of the contents that will fit in each space. These are our standard storage rates and ring us now or contact us for specials and long term discounts.

3m x 1.5m4.5 sqmtr$130
3m x 2m6 sqmtr$150
3m x 3m9 sqmtr$185
3m x 3.5m10.5 sqmtr$200
4m x 2.5m10 sqmtr$200
3m x 3.8m11.4 sqmtr$210
4m x 3m12 sqmtr$225
5m x 3m15 sqmtr$280
6m x 3m18 sqmtr$330

How much will a Storage space hold?

  • 3 sq.m space holds one room of belongings
  • 4.5 sq.m space holds 2-3 rooms
  • 9 sq.m space is ideal for small home or 2 bedroom apartment
  • 18 sq.m space for the larger home.

Vehicles, Boats, Caravans & Containers

Hardstand5m – 7m$150
Covered Hardstand5m – 7m$185
Trailers5m – 7m$120

Larger spaces are available, please call to discuss your needs.
We store cars, trucks, caravans, boats, masts and booms, we have a large hardstand area for Storage.