Packing and organising your self-storage unit will really help when it comes to keeping track of the easy-to -access and important items when you move. We understand that you want to preserve your items as much as possible, and we are here to assist in doing just that. We handle the big and the small, and have developed sound methods in which to best keep your belongings.

In this article we make suggestions on how to best pack your items and how to organise and maximise the use of your storage space. Storage space is priced according to size. We are here to help you stay within your budget and get the most from your space.


Packing for Your Self Storage in Manly or Storage in Hamilton and Many Other Locations

Plan ahead and figure out what things you’ll need to get to more often, or first, and pack them in the same boxes. If you are storing heavy items, it’s best to pack them in smaller boxes that are easy to handle, and can handle the weight. If you have fragile goods such as windows, mirrors and the like, wrap them in bubble wrap, sheets, or anything to brace them from impact.

Consolidate items by packing tea towels with dishes, and bath towels with fragile items. This reduces the use of paper and plastic wrap. It’s always good to wrap electronics, mattresses and upholsteries in plastic to protect from dust and moisture.

The number one best tactic is to label boxes. Label them on all four sides, and label them in detail. This way, if you use a mover, they can stack the boxes facing any way and you will be able to read the box.


Planning and Organising Your Self Storage Unit Space

You may want to lay down a tarp or cover across the open space’s floor to protect your storage items from things like water, dust, or the stray rodent.

It’s best to load the larger items in the back of the unit. Also pack items that you know you will not need to access or retrieve in the back of your storage unit.  It’s also a good idea to store stuff in empty shelves, dressers, desks, book shelves, and other hallowed furniture spaces.

When you’re stacking boxes, place the larger, heavier boxes on the bottom and stack up to the lightest and smallest on top. In small units, plan to have an aisle that runs down the middle so you can get into the back; making it easier to access boxes.

If you are storing freezers or refrigerators then we recommend leaving the doors ajar to allow for ventilation. The same applies to microwave and conventional ovens. All these appliances require adequate room to breathe.

Good packing techniques and an economic use of space will protect your belongings and save you money.

We offer perfect facilities for your storage in Wynnum, storage in Hamilton, and storage in Manly; among many other Eastern Brisbane locations.