Getting a Fort Lytton Self Storage unit is a win-win situation for everyone involved. If it is to banish clutter from your home, there will be more space for the family. If it is to store your car projects parked out on the lawn, then the whole neighbourhood will benefit from a neater property. The list goes on…


At Fort Lytton Self Storage, we see people regain their lifestyles on a daily basis, by effectively using Self Storage to improve their day to day operations. We have people who use storage to store company files, others use their storage unit as a man cave or shed. Some even use Self Storage to store wine and collectibles. We’ve even seen a sports star keep his trophies here on show.


There are many benefits to Self Storage, and they include the price discounts you get for signing up long-term, the use of loading trailers, trucks and trollies. Ease of access to your safe and secure property, professional guidance and assistance and many others.


The team at Fort Lytton Self Storage knows what can and cannot be done within a Fort Lytton Self Storage unit, and we would be happy to guide you through the Self Storage process.


Rates are low, and the benefits far outweigh the costs involved.


For business storage, we can store stock, fleet vehicles, exhibition and expo material, and we can even create on site work spaces.


For personal storage, Fort Lytton Self Storage will help you pack properly and smartly, allowing you to use (and pay) only the space that is required.


Call our team at Fort Lytton Self Storage today, and we will showcase the many pros of the Self Storage industry, working with Fort Lytton Self Storage, and why not, we are one of the best storage facilities in town.