Just because your partner doesn’t appreciate your taste in decor and sports posters doesn’t mean you have to throw it all away. Instead, you can create your own private man cave in Port of Brisbane storage from Fort Lytton Self Storage.

Man cave decorating

Use you favourite posters and memorabilia to decorate your space. Installing some basic shelving is an easy way to put things like hats or trophies on display. If you’re hanging things on the walls, use non-permanent solutions such as tape, blue-tac or strong adhesive hooks. Bring in somewhere comfortable to sit and include anything else that will make the space more comfortable for you.

Man cave entertainment

Taking your gaming console into your man cave in Port of Brisbane storage is a great way to ensure uninterrupted game play. Make sure you bring a power strip with you to charge your other devices. If you’d like more of a surround sound feel, bring some speakers as well.

You can also bring in other forms of entertainment, like a billiards table or a dart board, to ensure your man cave is versatile.

Man cave relaxation

You can include whatever furniture pieces you’d like in your man cave in Port of Brisbane storage, regardless of its condition. Bring in your favourite couches, recliners, footrests or even a mattress for lounging on.

If you bring in a small refrigerator, you can keep your favourite drinks on hand. Remember to bring in some snacks every time you visit your man cave, as leaving food in your storage unit in between visits will lead to pests.

When your man cave is set up, you’ll have your own place away from home to relax and blow off steam. Port of Brisbane storage from Fort Lytton Self Storage has a variety of unit sizes available to suit your needs.