Our first instinct is to ask: well, why not? But because at Fort Lytton Self Storage we know that our customers are discerning, we have some good reasons, too…

Hold on to heirlooms

Perhaps you’ve moved between states (or even continents), and find yourself in a much smaller apartment. And suddenly, the beautiful old upright piano is in jeopardy, because where will it fit? Don’t sell it! A Fort Lytton Self Storage unit is your solution. You can store your piano, and any other important odds and ends you don’t want to let go of, until such time that you’re more settled and know what to do with them.

Declutter your space

You’ve embraced the concept of minimal living, but your partner isn’t ready to let go of his collection of stuffed animal heads. Solve a potentially deadly problem by suggesting a personal Self Storage unit – the easy access to it means he can visit the heads any time he wants! Bonus: you can also store your collection of porcelain figurines in the unit – who knows what it might sell for one day?

Get down to business

Business growing rapidly, but office space not so much? A business Self Storage unit is the perfect place to store surplus office equipment, documents and sundries that you can’t sell or throw away just yet. Employees function much better in an uncluttered environment, after all! Storage units are also cost effective, safe and secure, so it will only benefit your business.

Storage units are also particularly useful if you run your own small business online, such as on Etsy. You don’t need an actual office space to store all your handmade felt animals – simply rent a Fort Lytton Self Storage unit and store your stock until you have to send it out.

‘Tis the season

Summer is over, and your house is stuffed with waterskis, fishing gear, nets and toys and Christmas decorations and inflatable flamingos and… Before your patience (and your cupboard doors) reaches breaking point, move all holiday-specific and seasonal gear to a Fort Lytton Self Storage unit. You can sort and label it properly, so that it is easily findable and ready to haul out when the next appropriate holiday comes by.

Size matters

Here’s the thing: whether you want to store your collection of pet rocks, or the helicopter you bought on Ebay, there’s a Fort Lytton Self Storage unit sized to fit your needs. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can pick – and pay for – the one that best fits your needs.

To find out more about what Self Storage can do for you, talk to our friendly team at Fort Lytton Self Storage – we’ll be able to help you with a tailormade solution.