When you purchase a boat or caravan, storage needs to be taken into consideration.  A lucky few have a secure garage or shed on their property where a boat, caravan or extra vehicle can be safely stored, but for most people the options come down to parking the boat or caravan in your driveway, in your yard or on the street. While any of these alternatives will keep your investment close at hand, they are not always the safest or most secure option.


An alternative to storing your boat or caravan at home is to place it in the care of a secure facility: one with continuous surveillance and restricted access.  Storage facilities are much more capable of safely and securely storing your boat or caravan.  Storage facilities are also a great choice if you will be traveling away from home and want to have the peace of mind that your boat or caravan is safe and secure.



When choosing to store your boat or caravan, whether you chose to park your new vehicle at home or in a storage facility, keep these tips in mind.


Tips for Safely Storing a Boat

  • Fill the fuel tank and change the oil.  This is important because a full fuel tank will not collect condensation, ultimately protecting your engine.  For extended storage, it is a good idea to use motor oil without additives for extra peace of mind.
  • Remove all electrical devices and batteries, storing them in a clean, dry container away from the weather. Not only will this protect your electrical devices, but it will also help you to ward against damage to your boat caused by battery leakage.
  • Check and inflate your trailer tyres if needed.
  • Ensure that your boat is fully covered by an appropriate weatherproof cover or tarp.  If storing your boat on a hard stand, ask the facility if they have a policy regarding boat covers.


Tips for Safely Storing a Caravan

  • First of all, empty and clean everything.  Check all drawers, cabinets, closets and any appliances you may have, ensuring only non-essential non-perishable items remain in the caravan.
  • Protect against rodents.  Inspect for and repair any holes in the exterior that could provide access to a curious mouse or other small animal. By following the first tip and keeping your caravan empty and clean, you will also help to ward off mice and other rodents.
  • In order to keep the weather out and prevent sunlight from fading your carpet and upholstery, make sure that you replace any air filters, close all windows, curtains, blinds and shades.
  • Check your tyre pressure and inflate them if necessary.


By following these easy but important tips, you can protect your investment and provide many more years of enjoyment out of your boat or caravan.  Not only that, but your storage facility will be happy to have you as a customer!